Make Them Fall

by Jahneration & Terry Bible

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See dem a talk all day, fi tell us wha we haffi think, wha thi only truth is
See dem a fight against the people dem a try to shine a light inna di darkness
No man cyan stand up, the all a dem a let drop
Strengthen your mind you got a system to change up
youth man haffi rise, yes we haffi realize say wicked men a try a brainwash ya with dem lies
Me nah fall down, in front of conspiracy darkness push me to the ground but with Jah's help me break free gives me the force to stand up and walk to his majesty, the love that he gives to humanity must lead them all to the almighty
No matta weh you come from, Jah daughter and Jah son You can reach his kingdom don't think that all hopes have gone
Jah finds the faith in yourself and your life will be saved
Me know the road to this quest, follow your heart Jah makes the rest.

Chorus :

We a go make dem fall we'll keep on hustling
Nah let dem baldheads control our minds
In dis ya serious times, youth man bun dung the crisis,
Tell the hole a dem a new Jahneration a rise
Dem fall we'll keep on hustling
Nah let dem ballads control our minds we haffi teach dem right, never give up the fight.

N'entrons pas dans la démence, la différence de chacun peut enrichir nos semences, faisons preuve de clémence Pour un dialogue ouvert en cet état d'urgence
Parlons avec éloquence, pour toucher le plus de monde dans cette audience
Avançons avec prudence, tu peux payer le prix fort à la moindre négligence
Ils disent avoir la bonne parole, parler avec de grandes paraboles profitent de l'incrédulité des personnes qu'ils affolent
ils bâillonnent la bouche des gens en se disant porte-parole en exploitant à leurs fins la plupart des grands symboles
En anglais en français ou en créole, nous nous exprimons dans le monde dans toutes les métropoles, pour essayer de faire tomber leur immense monopole, écoute le message de Terry et de la nouvelle école !

Well den, Bun dung the wicked and bun dung the riddim, Terry Jahneration haffi stop dem from falling
Big bad Boom, we a mash up the sound, fi tell the all a di people we nah go fall down
No more liars, no liars we want, me no say me waan dem dead but bun dem chat down !
Coz we tired, we tired and you know that all a mi raggamuffin bwoys still a movin slow
Well collie man a terry, collie man a terry (Call we the fighters) Gimme the sense, gimme the sense (give we the power)
We sing conscious reggae music to free all a mi people, Righteous reggae music, you know seh it's so simple
We're not alone at all yeah but the one and only, real reggae band in Paris (What?) Yeah maybe
Me know me cocky when me say you love we, yeah say tell me once a thing, tell, tell the contrary


released January 30, 2011
Jahneration original song.
Lyrics : Jahneration & Terry Bible



all rights reserved


Jahneration Paris, France


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